Seasonal Games and Custom Servers

With the removal of Ghost Invasion today, we've received a number of questions about the availability of seasonal games in Custom Servers.

We aim to keep Custom Servers for Season Games available for about 2 weeks after the removal of the game from the hub. These games will receive no updates during this time, and as with any custom server, you can't gain XP in them.

Custom Servers: role & team selection, invite all friends

We're constantly releasing improvements and fixes for Custom Servers. Here's 2 much-requested features, releasing today.

Role and Team Selection

Gain full control over your lobby and manually set the role (or team) for each player! 

Invite All Friends

Got a lot of friends you want to invite? Simply invite every online friend with one button.

A toggle to turn off incoming invites is coming soon.

These features are now live on Treasure Wars and Murder Mystery custom servers, and soon on all games.

Update: Custom Servers: Hive Plus Beta


All games are now available on our North America region.


The limits have been increased to:

45 minutes of gameplay AND 3 rounds played.

For an in-depth explanation of limits please read our support article.

We're looking into a paid option for players to gain access to unlimited custom servers. We'll post an update once we have more information on this.


We're going to continue adding more options to Custom Servers. The best place to share your ideas is on our forums.

Custom Servers: Hive Plus Beta

We are starting the Custom Servers: Hive Plus Beta.

For now, the beta is only live on North America.

Please refer to the following support article for more information on available games and limits: Custom Servers Beta.

As the support article states, we will rapidly expand the game availability.

Update on Custom Servers

Some of you may have noticed we've been testing Custom Servers! In this update, we'll elaborate a bit more on them.

We're currently ironing out the bugs we're finding during the custom server testing. Currently, Hive Staff and Hive Partners can create custom servers, and invite any players to them. If you want to join in, there's an #bedrock-custom-servers channel on Discord.

Future Plans

We'd like to get these features in the hands of players as soon as we can. Once we're confident we've fixed important outstanding issues, we're expanding Custom Server access to our Plus members.

The following limits will apply during the custom servers beta period:

Regular Members

No creations (can join other players servers)

Plus Members

No more creations are allowed after BOTH these limits are met:

  • 2 rounds played
  • 30 minutes of gameplay (this excludes any lobby, warmup, endgame)

Every day at midnight UTC, the limits reset. 

Please note these limits are counted against the host. Participating in someone else's Custom Server does not impact your limits.

Partners and Staff

No limits

These limits exist to protect the stability of our networks. When you're in a custom server, you're taking up above-average resources compared to regular gameplay. We hope to loosen these limits over time. However, we currently have no plans to allow Regular members to create Custom Servers.

We'll post an update once we're entering this next stage of Custom Servers. Until then, keep an eye out for those hosted by staff and partners!

Party Chat & Custom Servers preparation update

UPDATE: The below now applies to ALL regions.

As we get closer to our SwarmTastic Update, we are starting to introduce parts of it to our public network. We're starting today with a rollout to the Asia region.

Custom Servers - Staff / Partner Beta

In today's update, live only on the Asia region, we've introduced the required changes for Custom Servers. These servers, which will be initially launching with Swarms, allow you to control many aspects of a game. For example, you will be able to tweak (or disable!) the Leap delay in DeathRun, the shop prices in Treasure Wars, set the theme in Just Build, and much more.

Custom Servers will be in staff beta until testing finishes. After this, we will grant access to our Hive Partners. General availability will come with our Swarms update.

Party (& Swarm) Chat - Generally Available

This update also contains our Group Chat backend, which in turns enables Party Chat. We want to stress that party chat is not, and should not be used as, private chat. Most notably:

  • Party chat is only available in parties of 3 and more
  • Party chat is subject to the exact same rules as game chat
  • Party chat is monitored by the exact same filtering & monitoring system as game chat

Final Notes

This update might not seem like much (yet), but this is one of the biggest hurdles out of the way for our upcoming Swarms update: it contains most of the (backend) code it relies on. Because of the complexity of the changes, we will be closely monitoring this update. If all goes well, we hope to bring the above changes to the other regions next week.

Changelog - August 4th


  • Mail Bot has arrived! Give him a visit and he will introduce himself, as well as give you 250 quest points. How nice of him!
  • You can now search for items in your locker. Pick a category and use the Search button at the top. Shout-out to costume collectors!
  • Treasure Wars Game Update, check the full changelog HERE.


  • Various changes to our staff system are now live. Most notably, Admins are now Moderators, and there is a new Hive Team rank.
  • New /q alias for /queue, for when you can't remember how to spell queue.
  • XP Boosters have been global for a while - we now correctly show the Booster Emerald in each game lobby. Make sure you've redeemed your free booster!

Staff System Changes

In the coming week, we will be rolling out various changes to our Bedrock staff system.

Most notably, we are rebranding our Admin team to Moderators. In game, they will share the Dark Aqua color with the Helper team, and will have a [MOD] suffix. The responsibilities of the now-Moderator team are unchanged. Learn all about our various staff ranks here.

We are actively recruiting staff - to learn how to become a Helper, check HERE.

In-Game Emoting, and 1.14 end-of-support

In-Game Emoting

Per community consensus we now allow Minecraft 1.16 emotes to be used in all games. Depending on the gameplay impact, we may restrict certain emotes from being used in the future.

1.14 end-of-support

Quicker than expected, almost all Hive players have upgraded to 1.16 (less than 3% remain on 1.14). So that we can make full use of 1.16 features, we will stop supporting 1.14 on/around July 20th (one week from this post).

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