In-Game (Monthly) Leaderboards - Update 2

More leaderboard goodness!

  • You can now view detailed (monthly & all-time) statistics for a player. Pick a game, select Friend or Search Username, and their statistics will be shown. If the player has 10 or more victories in the current month, their leaderboard placing will be shown.
  • Loading times have been improved for those with many friends. However, we may show less placings on your Friend Leaderboard in certain scenarios. You can always load a friends placing (if they have above 10 victories) by viewing their statistics directly using Select Friend (see above).
  • "Go Back" buttons have been added to most menus so you can easily browse the leaderboards without having to re-run the command.
  • Resolved most issues causing certain leaderboards placings to load in as 'unset' with a default avatar.
  • Resolved timestamps showing up in the 'raw' format - they are now formatted relatively, for example, "Last Played: 2 hours ago".

You can open the in-game leaderboards with the following command:


More updates, including visual improvements to this system, coming soonTM.

Some of the above changes are thanks to the feedback left on Update 1! If you have any suggestions, leave them as a comment on this post. Here's some answers to common questions:

  • Q: Will there be an item/NPC so I can open the leaderboards quicker?
    A: Yes, in the future.
  • Q: Will previous monthly leaderboards become available?
    A: We are looking into realistic ways to make this possible. We plan to, at the very least, make the top 1000 of each previous month available in a future update.
  • Q: What do you call a wasp?
    A: A wanna-bee!

In-Game (Monthly) Leaderboards - Update 1

Additional functionality is now available with the in-game (monthly) leaderboards:

  • You can now view the all-time leaderboards
  • You can now view a subset of the monthly leaderboards, showing you and your friends. Both their standing in 'your' leaderboard, as well as their actual monthly standing, will be shown.
  • You can now click through on a leaderboard entry to view all their stats, such as kills, deaths and more.

You can access these leaderboards with


(why does a pizza have a corn as their avatar? Please tells us!)

In-Game Monthly Leaderboards

This is a tech-demo and may be unavailable at times.

You can now view the monthly leaderboards in-game! Simply load into the Hive and run the following command:


You can retrieve your own standings, as well as viewing the current top 100 for supported games. Keep in mind that leaderboards reset monthly!

We're aware that, at times, player names load in as 'unset'. This is an issue we will fix before this feature will become more prominently available. For now, simply request the same leaderboard again, and it will load fine.

Just Build: more voting options & in-game reporting

This update is currently only available on our EUROPE and North America regions.

We've added two much requested features to Just Build!

NEW VOTE OPTIONS: Two new vote options are now available: "Okay" and "Great"

IN-GAME REPORTING: Whether inappropriate or off-topic, you can now report builds that don't follow the rules or theme.

We will closely monitor the reporting feature to make sure it achieves it goals without any side effects.

Christmas Maps!

Murder Mystery:


  • Village
  • Office Party

Disabled (returning 2020):

  • Office

Treasure Wars:


  • MEGA SnowFight
  • MEGA Snowy Kingdom
  • SQUADS Gingerbread
  • SQUADS Winter
  • DUOS North Pole
  • DUOS Frozen
  • SOLOS Fairy Christmas
  • SOLOS IceCastle

Disabled (returning 2020):

  • MEGA Kingdom
  • SQUADS Spring
  • DUOS Oasis
  • SOLOS Castle



  • SnowCity

Hide and Seek:


  • Christmas Fair
  • Kingston Christmas

Disabled (returning 2020):

  • Kingston

Survival Games:


  • Winterwood

Disabled (returning 2020):

  • Northwood


Halloween has come to The Hive: Bedrock Edition. This update brings a spooky new hub, new maps, seasonal cosmetics, and a ghostly game.

Limited Time Game: Ghost Invasion

Ghost Invasion is back! Ghost Invasion is an infection style game where ghosts must infect humans. Once all humans are infected, or the ghosts have run out of respawns, the game is over.

New Ghost Invasion Maps

  • Castle
  • Spooky Hollow
  • Mansion

Halloween Hub and Pumpkin Hunt

Our beloved hub has been spookified, and with it comes a brand new seasonal event: Pumpkin Hunt. Find all the pumpkins to get an exclusive Halloween costume: Pumpkin Person.

Special Costume

Creeper? Aw man! Nothing prepares you more for Halloween than getting your hands on our Grim Creeper Halloween costume. At only 160 Minecoins, it's a steal!

Halloween Maps

Treasure Wars

  • Coven (Squads/Trios)
  • Resurrected (Duos)
  • Abandoned (Mega)

Survival Games

  • Cursed Kingdom

Hide and Seek

  • Mad House (Coming Soon)

Murder Mystery

  • Witch School (Coming Soon)

Black Hole

Due to the high amount of demand for a "black hole", we've imported the highest quality Hole in all of Minecraft. Those wishing to visit the Hole, should head to the docks.

Real updates coming soon, we "promise".

Fix purchase command

If you've bought a store offer (rank, costume, booster) but haven't received it, you can now use the /fixpurchase command:

  • Join The Hive server
  • Run /fixpurchase
  • Press/Click/Tap the "Free" button at the top

This will re-synchronize all your purchases with our server.

This also works for redeeming any server extras that come with our Marketplace content.

Login Rewards V1

Login rewards are now live on the Europe and North America regions!


  • 1% XP boost for each day, capped at 10 days (10%)
  • 30 Quest Points every 10-day streak

It's worth noting Login Rewards follow the UTC-timezone, to prevent region hopping for "early" resets.

Rewards are applied on join - you will receive a message on join if your reward has been increased or reset.

This is only V1 of login rewards, and we'd love to add more! Suggestions? Leave them on this post!

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