North America region stutters

We are continuing to look into issue with stutters, mainly on the North America region. These usually occur during busier times on the region.

To be clear, these stutters do not mean The Hive is running at capacity, but are caused by a software bug.

We hope to resolve this soon. If you are encountering this issue, you can try re-connecting as this may help improve your experience.

Hive: Bedrock Edition

Any rumours about The Hive: Bedrock edition closing are completely false. Hive Games is a perfectly healthy company and our Bedrock server is thriving. We have NO plans, in any way, to close The Hive: Bedrock Edition.

Capacity Update - North America Region

As we work with our provider to immensely scale up our North America region, we will redirect part of our traffic to Europe overnight.

You can always use the Region NPC in the hub to switch to a specific region.

We expect to have this fully resolved before the weekend.

PS4/PS5 Support

The Hive is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Make sure you update to the most recent Minecraft update to play.

Welcome, PlayStation!

Seasonal Games and Custom Servers

With the removal of Ghost Invasion today, we've received a number of questions about the availability of seasonal games in Custom Servers.

We aim to keep Custom Servers for Season Games available for about 2 weeks after the removal of the game from the hub. These games will receive no updates during this time, and as with any custom server, you can't gain XP in them.

Custom Servers: role & team selection, invite all friends

We're constantly releasing improvements and fixes for Custom Servers. Here's 2 much-requested features, releasing today.

Role and Team Selection

Gain full control over your lobby and manually set the role (or team) for each player! 

Invite All Friends

Got a lot of friends you want to invite? Simply invite every online friend with one button.

A toggle to turn off incoming invites is coming soon.

These features are now live on Treasure Wars and Murder Mystery custom servers, and soon on all games.

Update: Custom Servers: Hive Plus Beta


All games are now available on our North America region.


The limits have been increased to:

45 minutes of gameplay AND 3 rounds played.

For an in-depth explanation of limits please read our support article.

We're looking into a paid option for players to gain access to unlimited custom servers. We'll post an update once we have more information on this.


We're going to continue adding more options to Custom Servers. The best place to share your ideas is on our forums.

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