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Connectivity Issues

Our provider is experiencing connectivity issues, which may prevent you from joining our servers. In-game chat may be unresponsive during this time. Our support and API websites may be unavailable.

We expect this to be resolved soon.

Update: Inventory Crash Bug

We are trialing a fix for the inventory crash bug on our SkyWars gametype (all variants, all regions). If this trial proves successful, we will have this fix deployed to all of our games today.

We are aware that inventory opening is delayed in 1.16: this is due to Minecraft 1.16 making inventory opening server-sided, which incurs a delay based on your latency (ping) to the server. We have submitted a request for this to be reverted in a future Minecraft update.

Inventory Crash Bug

We are aware of a crash caused by opening your player inventory, which mainly happens on high latency connections. 

We are working on a fix.

In the meantime, you should be able to prevent this issue by only pressing the Open Inventory button once at a time.

"Half-Disconnection" Bug

We have identified the cause and are preparing to roll out a fix for the so-called Half Disconnection bug, in which players stop receiving any movement and game changes, but don't get fully disconnected.

We will be rolling this patch out region-by-region over the next day.

Dynamic availability of game queues

To help players find full lobbies better at off-peak hours, we are trialing the automatic enabling and disabling of specific game queues.

Based on the total amount of players playing any variant of a game in a region, certain variants will be unavailable at off-peak. For example, if the total amount of players playing Survival Games drops below 100 players, only Survival Games: Duos will be available.

We are currently trialing this on our Asia region, which has the biggest difference in peak- and off-peak player counts. Over time, this will be rolled out to all regions.

Single variant games (Hide and Seek, DeathRun, Murder Mystery) are always available. At least one variant of multi-variant games will always be available at any given time.

Players are free to switch to other regions, that may have more queues available. If your party is big enough, you can also make use of the queue command to jump into a variant not shown in the hub menu.

Version Support Update

Minecraft 1.16: The Nether Update releases Tuesday, June 23rd.

We currently support:

  • 1.14.3
  • 1.14.6
  • 1.16.0

We will remove support for Minecraft 1.14.3 on Tuesday, July 7th. We will keep support for Minecraft 1.14.6 until at least the start of August.

Minecraft 1.16 brings improvements to skin loading and player movement for multiplayer servers, and we recommend updating from 1.14 when it releases.

Minecraft 1.16 support

With it's release approaching, we have started the rollout of support for Minecraft 1.16 (The Nether Update).

We currently have 1.16 support enabled on our Europe and Asia regions. North America will follow in the next few days.

We will keep supporting 1.14 for a while after the public release of 1.16. However, we will be dropping support for 1.14.3 shortly after 1.16 releases: upgrade to at least 1.14.6 to keep playing! 

With the 1.16 server update, we are also enabling the skin filter for ALL supported versions: learn more HERE.

Platform Matchmaking: Now on SkyWars Solos (NA + EU)

Update: the below now also applies to SkyWars Solos on Europe.

We're experimenting with Platform Based matchmaking on SkyWars Solos, on our North America region. It is NOT active in other regions and game queues.

What is Platform Based matchmaking?

Instead of our classic 'fill a server' approach, we now group players into two groups: Touch and Non-Touch input. 

Why are you trying this?

PC and console players have a big advantage on mobile / touch players. With platform matchmaking, we're hoping to level out lobbies a bit better.

Why not Skill Based / ELO Based matchmaking?

We are not against looking into SBMM/ELO in the future, but went with Platform Matchmaking as a less extreme matchmaking solution that should alleviate most problems with our classic matchmaking.

Can I, a touch input player, opt to play with PCs and consoles?

If we decide to roll out this matchmaking type further, we will allow players to opt-in to the non-touch input queue.

I don't like this!!!!???

We will be collecting feedback over time, and we will take the rollout of this very slow. Our forums are the best place to discuss this! Please keep it civil and keep in mind this isn't a definitive system.

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