Europe Region Maintenance

We will be redirecting traffic from Europe to the North America this (European) night, whilst we perform backend maintenance on it.

When it returns, you'll be able to enjoy Just Build Solos: Extended.

Hive (All Regions) Maintenance - 24/04/2020

All Hive regions will be going down for scheduled maintenance this Friday, the 24th of April, at:

  • 8AM UTC / 9AM BST / 10 AM CEST (European timezones)
  • 1AM PDT / 2AM MDT / 3AM CDT / 4AM EDT (American timezones)
  • 4PM SGT / 5PM JST

This update/maintenance will bring both visible and 'invisible' changes. Relevant changelogs will be posted during/after the maintenance. We have no set end time for this maintenance.

North America Region Maintenance

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on our North America region at:

8AM UTC / 4AM Eastern / 3AM Central / 2AM Mountain / 1AM Pacific

This is backend maintenance to enable the Bandwidth Savings feature. We do have content updates (egg) planned for this week, but these will NOT go live with this maintenance.

Traffic will be routed to Europe during this maintenance.

North America Region Maintenance

We're temporarily redirecting traffic from the North America region to the Europe region.

Europe and Asia Scheduled Maintenance

UPDATE: This maintenance is finished, all regions are back online.

We will be taking down Europe and Asia for scheduled maintenance tonight, at 23:00 UTC. You can find the CURRENT time in UTC here.

Traffic will be redirected to our North America region during this time.

We have identified multiple points of improvements over the last week, which we will be rolling out to these regions. The Hive aims to have unlimited capacity to accommodate all players - tonight's maintenance will help us achieve this.

To be clear, nothing new will be added during this maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance

We've got some building to do.

We'll bee right back.

Skin Support Update Maintenance

We will be going down for maintenance on:

Friday, November 22nd, at 1AM UTC

This update will:

  • Introduce support for Persona skins
  • Add back support for "Classic" Custom Skins
  • Optimize holograms and Alex/Steve skins
  • Fix costume geometry (crouching)

We have no set time duration for this maintenance. Thank you for your patience.

Network Issues

We are looking into issues with the network. Updates will follow.

Asia Region - Special Maintenance


We have made various adjustments to the Asia region. We will continue to monitor the network to ensure the best experience.


To properly investigate issues with the Asia region, we will be taking it offline for maintenance. We have no set timeframe for this maintenance.

By default, players in the Asia region will be served by the North America region - for those living further west, it may be worth it to give the Europe region a try.

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