Quests "V1", available now

After nearly a year of travelling the word, the Quest Master has arrived!

Every day, the Quest Master has 12 new quests available. Of these:

  • 6 are "easy" quests, giving 10 QP (Quest Points)
  • 4 are "medium" quests, giving 20 QP
  • 2 are "hard" quests, giving 30 QP

Once you've accepted a quest, you have unlimited time to finish it. However, you can't accept another quest - you either have to finish your current one, or cancel it. You're able to cancel a quest after 1 hour.

You'll get in-game feedback on your quests - for quests requiring multiple stages, e.g. multiple games, you'll get a simple Quest progress updated message when you've gone up a stage. Once completed, you'll get a more prominent message telling you to head back to the Quest Master to hand in the quest.

So... why should you do quests? Well, the Quest Master has new items in store every month on which you can spend your QP. Until the end of October, you can get:

  • XP Booster (1 hour, game of choice) for 400QP
  • Rubber Ducky Costume (Quest Exclusive!) for 1000QP
  • Costume Gift (gift ANY costume on our store) for 1500QP

Regular members are capped at 4 quests a day - this means you can earn 100QP a day at most, allowing Regular daily players to buy all store items. Plus members can do up to 8 quests a day, which is 160QP a day.

For those questing at launch - the current quests, including the "hard" level quests, are purposely easy so it's easier to test. As we add more content and quest types, this will change.

We'd love to hear your feedback on quests. You can use the feedback option below this post (either leave a rating, a comment, or both), our Discord ( or our forums ( We welcome any feedback - may it be QP rates, the limits, the types of quests offered, and anything else.