Platform Update 23/06

Currently, this post only applies to our NA network. EU and AS are to follow soon.

As the Nether Update starts rolling out today, all our networks are being updated to our newest platform version. Here are some of the notable changes included:


  • Tweaked block-placement logic to reduce the number of failed placements when speed/jump bridging
  • Modified teleport logic to help improve a client issue that would cause a player to fall through the world
  • Improved internal packet handling for faster performance and lower latency


  • Added support for R16 emotes. Emotes cannot be used during a game.
  • Fall damage is now calculated server-side
  • Block cracking is now properly updated when changing player state

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed player inventory becoming unusable in rare circumstances
  • Fixed avatars on podiums not rendering correctly
  • Fixed door placements on slabs and stairs
  • Fixed vine placement
  • Fixed auto-jump not being allowed on the server
  • Fixed potion effects persisting when switching servers