Survival Games Patch 1

This is the first of more upcoming updates for Survival Games. So far we've had some excellent feedback, and we've tried to take a lot of it on board in this first patch. We'll be monitoring feedback and making further changes to loot and balancing where needed.

New Map: Northwood


  • Bows are now slightly rarer
  • Arrows are now slightly rarer
  • Diamond Swords are very rare in Tier 2 chests
  • Added Snowballs and Ender Pearls to some loot sets (could be revoked)
  • Removed junk


  • Added clear "no-teaming" message to game start
  • Arrows shot at melee distance (less than 5 blocks) deal half damage
  • While falling, supply drops strike silent lightning to their landing zone
  • District names now show below player names in duos


  • Fixed an issue where games may not end when a player leaves during deathmatch warmup
  • Fixed an issue where players could shoot bows during deathmatch warmup
  • Fixed the arrow trails, all particles now render correctly