Treasure Wars Content Update

It's time for a new content update to Treasure Wars, bringing new unlocks, new features, and new maps!


25 New Levels

We've increased the level cap from 50 to 75.

  • New unlock category: Final Kill Phrase
  • 9 new treasures
  • 5 new bridge builders
  • 4 new hub titles
  • 3 new avatars
  • 1 new costume

New Item: Golden Apples

Golden Apples are now available from the merchant! Hurry though, as he only has a limited stock per game. First come, first serve.

Summoner Sharing

Gold summoners now share equally between nearby players, ensuring everyone gets their fair share!

Minimum Play Height

We've heard your concerns about out-of-bounds campers. All maps now have a minimum play height. Being below this height for too long will result in damage, and ultimately, death.

Improved Messaging

  • Treasure breaks are now announced in chat
  • Final kills are now announced in chat

New Maps

  • Solo: Library
  • Duos: Fairy Garden
  • Trios/Squads: Cyberspace
  • Trios/Squads: Pirates
  • Mega: Sakura

If you find any bugs, or have feedback for this update, please head to our forums.