Treasure Wars: Update Preview Patch 1

Following your continued feedback, we have deployed changes to the Treasure Wars Update Preview.

Boom Boxes

  • Moved to the Special category, to reduce category count
  • Disabled Regular Boom Box
  • Changed price of Knockback Boom Box from 2 diamonds to 2 emeralds
  • Block Breaker Boom Box radius increased from 2 to 3
  • Block Breaker Boom Box is no longer throwable

Bows & Arrows

  • Reduced the price of bows from 10 diamonds to 5
  • Reverted Arrow price changes back to 16 gold for a stack of 8

Note: The short-range arrow nerf remains. Any arrows that hit a target within a short distance will have their damage halved.


  • Changed price of Iron Armor from 32 diamonds to 64 gold
  • Increased price of Diamond Armor from 20 emeralds to 30

Blast Proof Glass

  • Changed price of Blast-proof Glass to 2 emeralds for a stack of 16 glass

We're also looking into making Blast-proof glass block line-of-sight explosions, giving extra protection.

Feedback is appreciated. If you have a thought on this preview, please let us know on Discord or our forums.