Treasure Wars: Update Preview Patch 2

We've deployed a new version of the Treasure Wars Update Preview.


  • Armor will now only swap on purchase if it has a higher or equal defense rating
  • Changed Iron Armor Set from 64 gold to 16 diamonds
  • Experimental: Removed Diamond Armor Set
  • Experimental: Added Diamond Helmet for 5 emeralds
  • Experimental: Added Diamond Leggings for 10 emeralds
  • Experimental: Added Diamond Boots for 5 emeralds

Developer note: We've been hearing that there's too much of a difference between iron and diamond armor. As a result, we're making an experimental change, removing the diamond set and selling individual items. The chestplate has been removed due to the huge defense rating it provides.

This change is experimental and may be reverted.

Boom Box

  • Changed Knockback Boom Box from 2 emeralds to 4 diamonds

As always, if you have any thoughts on this update, please consider letting us know on either our Discord or community forums.