Party Chat (Toggle), VPN/Proxy rule, and Privacy Enhancement

The following changes are in testing on our North America region only at the moment:

Party Chat

The /p short command has been restored to it's previous functionality.

To access party chat:

  • Use "/pc" (without a message) to toggle between party chat and global chat.
  • Use "/pc your message here" to send a single message in party chat.

VPN/Proxy rule

It is no longer allowed to use a VPN- or proxy service to play on The Hive. Learn more HERE.

Privacy Enhancement

We no longer store raw IP addresses, even if this option was left untouched in the privacy control settings. Previous data has been removed. This also removes the "Store Country" data and setting.

Treasure Wars: Update Preview Patch 3

We're nearing the end of the Treasure Wars Update Preview. We've been monitoring feedback across Discord, Forums, and the updates website.

The new patch is deployed to all regions, awaiting your feedback. We encourage you to play before leaving feedback.


  • Added back Diamond Armor Set at 28 emeralds
  • Changed Iron Armor Set to include a Chestplate with Protection 1
  • Reduced Iron Armor price from 16 diamonds to 12

Developer note: We heard the large amounts of feedback that the experimental armor changes were too much. As a result, we've returned diamond armor, but at a revised price.

Additionally, we've added protection 1 to the iron chestplate. This adds a further 4% damage reduction to the iron armor set, making it exactly halfway between chainmail and diamond. We hope this will make iron armor more valuable in gameplay.


  • Increased the stock of Golden Apples in games

We appreciate the open and fair feedback you have provided us during this update preview. If you have any feedback please let us know on Discord, our forums, or as a reply to this update.

Treasure Wars: Update Preview Patch 2

We've deployed a new version of the Treasure Wars Update Preview.


  • Armor will now only swap on purchase if it has a higher or equal defense rating
  • Changed Iron Armor Set from 64 gold to 16 diamonds
  • Experimental: Removed Diamond Armor Set
  • Experimental: Added Diamond Helmet for 5 emeralds
  • Experimental: Added Diamond Leggings for 10 emeralds
  • Experimental: Added Diamond Boots for 5 emeralds

Developer note: We've been hearing that there's too much of a difference between iron and diamond armor. As a result, we're making an experimental change, removing the diamond set and selling individual items. The chestplate has been removed due to the huge defense rating it provides.

This change is experimental and may be reverted.

Boom Box

  • Changed Knockback Boom Box from 2 emeralds to 4 diamonds

As always, if you have any thoughts on this update, please consider letting us know on either our Discord or community forums.

Treasure Wars: Update Preview Patch 1

Following your continued feedback, we have deployed changes to the Treasure Wars Update Preview.

Boom Boxes

  • Moved to the Special category, to reduce category count
  • Disabled Regular Boom Box
  • Changed price of Knockback Boom Box from 2 diamonds to 2 emeralds
  • Block Breaker Boom Box radius increased from 2 to 3
  • Block Breaker Boom Box is no longer throwable

Bows & Arrows

  • Reduced the price of bows from 10 diamonds to 5
  • Reverted Arrow price changes back to 16 gold for a stack of 8

Note: The short-range arrow nerf remains. Any arrows that hit a target within a short distance will have their damage halved.


  • Changed price of Iron Armor from 32 diamonds to 64 gold
  • Increased price of Diamond Armor from 20 emeralds to 30

Blast Proof Glass

  • Changed price of Blast-proof Glass to 2 emeralds for a stack of 16 glass

We're also looking into making Blast-proof glass block line-of-sight explosions, giving extra protection.

Feedback is appreciated. If you have a thought on this preview, please let us know on Discord or our forums.

Treasure Wars: Update Preview

Our next update to Treasure Wars is now in preview mode on all regions. This update has significant changes to the meta, and as such, we want your feedback to ensure we release a balanced update.

New: Boomboxes

  • Standard Boombox: Deals damage to nearby enemies
  • Knockback Boombox: Launches you on detonation
  • Block Breaker Boombox: Destroys nearby player placed blocks, except blast-proof ones

Store Changes

  • Golden apples have been changed to 5 diamonds each
  • Bows have increased to 10 diamonds each
  • Arrows have increased to 20 gold for a stack of 8
  • Added blast-proof glass at 3 emeralds for a stack of 5

Balance Changes

In addition to the store changes, additional gameplay balance changes have been introduced:

  • Close-range arrow shots now deal less damage, to discourage bow spam
  • Final kills now grant double points

Bug Fixes

  • Bridge Builders no longer have broken necks/face the wrong way
  • Corrected a typo when purchasing items from the store

Look & Feel

  • Implemented new victory screen

New Maps

After your feedback has been implemented, the official release will also contain four new maps; one for each category of the game.

If you have any feedback, please let us know on Discord, or our forums. We're looking for feedback regarding gameplay balancing, including the pricing of store items.

Platform Update 23/06

Currently, this post only applies to our NA network. EU and AS are to follow soon.

As the Nether Update starts rolling out today, all our networks are being updated to our newest platform version. Here are some of the notable changes included:


  • Tweaked block-placement logic to reduce the number of failed placements when speed/jump bridging
  • Modified teleport logic to help improve a client issue that would cause a player to fall through the world
  • Improved internal packet handling for faster performance and lower latency


  • Added support for R16 emotes. Emotes cannot be used during a game.
  • Fall damage is now calculated server-side
  • Block cracking is now properly updated when changing player state

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed player inventory becoming unusable in rare circumstances
  • Fixed avatars on podiums not rendering correctly
  • Fixed door placements on slabs and stairs
  • Fixed vine placement
  • Fixed auto-jump not being allowed on the server
  • Fixed potion effects persisting when switching servers

SkyWars Changelog 19/05

We've just started rolling out a new version of SkyWars, focusing on fixing some minor gameplay issues and bugs. You'll see this version appear on games over the next few hours.


  • Ender Pearls will no longer cause death, but instead, leave you with half a heart of health
  • Added play area enforcement, with minimum play height activating 3 minutes into livegame
  • Decreased rate of "unlucky TNT" when mining lucky (gold) ores


  • Fixed "Ores Mined" lobby stat hologram
  • Fixed an issue when breaking blocks outside of your island border would result in item drops even though the block remained
  • Fixed an issue where right-click (interacting) to equip armor could cause enchantments to be lost
  • Fixed "0 hearts left" when being killed by a player with a half a heart
  • Fixed an issue where ghost boom boxes could be seen in the void
  • Fixed fire turning invisible when destroying a block beneath it

There are some other issues we're currently researching and hope to have updates soon! As always thank you to anyone who reported bugs on our forums.

Self Gifting Now Officially Supported

Sometimes the person that really deserves a gift, is yourself.

You're now able to easily gift items to yourself, rather than having to enter your own username in the field. We've also clarified that dropping a gift in the hub WON'T allow you to pick it up yourself.

More updates coming sooOOoooOOon.

Just Build: more voting options & in-game reporting

This update is currently only available on our EUROPE and North America regions.

We've added two much requested features to Just Build!

NEW VOTE OPTIONS: Two new vote options are now available: "Okay" and "Great"

IN-GAME REPORTING: Whether inappropriate or off-topic, you can now report builds that don't follow the rules or theme.

We will closely monitor the reporting feature to make sure it achieves it goals without any side effects.

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