Treasure Wars Content Update

We've added 25 new levels to Treasure Wars, bringing the total level count to 100. Additionally, there's a brand new MEGA map: Plaza.


  • Pickaxe (Level 76)
  • Championship Belt (Level 79)
  • Burger (Level 82)
  • Earth (Level 85)
  • Pizza Stack (Level 88)
  • Emerald (Level 91)
  • Piñata (Level 94)
  • Saturn (Level 96)
  • Beehive (Level 98)
  • King Villager (Level 100)

Bridge Builders

  • Pigeon (Level 77)
  • Strider (Level 81)
  • Biplane (Level 86)
  • Zoglin (Level 90)
  • Rocket (Level 95)
  • Mailbot Delivery Drone (Level 99)


  • Spicy Sparkles (Level 80)
  • Ice Blast (Level 89)
  • Yin Yang (Level 97)

Hub Titles

  • Ahoy me hearties! (Level 78)
  • Treasure Trasher (Level 84)
  • Poseidon (Level 92)


  • Pirate Bunny (Level 83)
  • Pirate Pug (Level 87)
  • Meowtiny (Level 93)

We hope you enjoy this mini content update! Hide and Seek will be the next game to get more levels and unlocks.

Custom Servers: role & team selection, invite all friends

We're constantly releasing improvements and fixes for Custom Servers. Here's 2 much-requested features, releasing today.

Role and Team Selection

Gain full control over your lobby and manually set the role (or team) for each player! 

Invite All Friends

Got a lot of friends you want to invite? Simply invite every online friend with one button.

A toggle to turn off incoming invites is coming soon.

These features are now live on Treasure Wars and Murder Mystery custom servers, and soon on all games.

Treasure Wars Gameplay Update

It's time for a BIG Treasure Wars update! As some of you may have seen, we've been running a preview of the update for the past week. Thank you to anyone who gave feedback as it helped shape this update.

So, what's in this newest update?

New Features

4 New Maps

  • Oceanic for Solos
  • Gates for Duos
  • Summer Coast for Trios and Squads
  • Resort for Mega


We've long heard feedback that you wanted more ways to play Treasure Wars, with one of the highest-rated suggestions being TNT. Today we're adding Boomboxes to the game.

  • Added "Knockback Boombox" at 4 diamonds each
  • Added "Block Breaker Boombox" at 5 emeralds each
  • Added "Blast-proof Glass" at 2 emeralds for 16 pieces

Balance Changes


Diamond armor was widely considered too powerful, whist iron armor was considered too expensive and offered only a small amount of defense more than chainmail. We've tried to bridge the gap between the armors to make the game feel more balanced.

  • Reduced "Iron Armor Set" from 32 to 12 diamonds
  • Added protection 1 to the iron chestplate, making the set an exact middle ground between chainmail and diamond
  • Increased "Diamond Armor Set" from 20 to 28 emeralds


  • Close range arrow shots now deal less damage, to discourage bow spam
  • Increased bow from 2 to 5 diamonds each

Other Balance Changes

  • Doubled the stock of golden apples per game
  • Changed golden apples to 5 diamonds each

Game Changes

General Changes

  • Implemented new victory screen
  • Armor items now only equip on purchase if they are of equal or greater defense value
  • Final kills now grant double XP
  • Added support for avatars on endgame podiums

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause too much currency being taken when purchasing items
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in bridge builders having broken necks
  • Fixed logic order that would result in the game over message showing before the final kill had full processed
  • Corrected a typo when purchasing items from the store

As always, if you have any feedback please let us know on our Discord or our forums. Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on the preview! We're excited to hear what you think of this newest update.

Treasure Wars: Update Preview Patch 3

We're nearing the end of the Treasure Wars Update Preview. We've been monitoring feedback across Discord, Forums, and the updates website.

The new patch is deployed to all regions, awaiting your feedback. We encourage you to play before leaving feedback.


  • Added back Diamond Armor Set at 28 emeralds
  • Changed Iron Armor Set to include a Chestplate with Protection 1
  • Reduced Iron Armor price from 16 diamonds to 12

Developer note: We heard the large amounts of feedback that the experimental armor changes were too much. As a result, we've returned diamond armor, but at a revised price.

Additionally, we've added protection 1 to the iron chestplate. This adds a further 4% damage reduction to the iron armor set, making it exactly halfway between chainmail and diamond. We hope this will make iron armor more valuable in gameplay.


  • Increased the stock of Golden Apples in games

We appreciate the open and fair feedback you have provided us during this update preview. If you have any feedback please let us know on Discord, our forums, or as a reply to this update.

Treasure Wars: Update Preview Patch 2

We've deployed a new version of the Treasure Wars Update Preview.


  • Armor will now only swap on purchase if it has a higher or equal defense rating
  • Changed Iron Armor Set from 64 gold to 16 diamonds
  • Experimental: Removed Diamond Armor Set
  • Experimental: Added Diamond Helmet for 5 emeralds
  • Experimental: Added Diamond Leggings for 10 emeralds
  • Experimental: Added Diamond Boots for 5 emeralds

Developer note: We've been hearing that there's too much of a difference between iron and diamond armor. As a result, we're making an experimental change, removing the diamond set and selling individual items. The chestplate has been removed due to the huge defense rating it provides.

This change is experimental and may be reverted.

Boom Box

  • Changed Knockback Boom Box from 2 emeralds to 4 diamonds

As always, if you have any thoughts on this update, please consider letting us know on either our Discord or community forums.

Treasure Wars: Update Preview Patch 1

Following your continued feedback, we have deployed changes to the Treasure Wars Update Preview.

Boom Boxes

  • Moved to the Special category, to reduce category count
  • Disabled Regular Boom Box
  • Changed price of Knockback Boom Box from 2 diamonds to 2 emeralds
  • Block Breaker Boom Box radius increased from 2 to 3
  • Block Breaker Boom Box is no longer throwable

Bows & Arrows

  • Reduced the price of bows from 10 diamonds to 5
  • Reverted Arrow price changes back to 16 gold for a stack of 8

Note: The short-range arrow nerf remains. Any arrows that hit a target within a short distance will have their damage halved.


  • Changed price of Iron Armor from 32 diamonds to 64 gold
  • Increased price of Diamond Armor from 20 emeralds to 30

Blast Proof Glass

  • Changed price of Blast-proof Glass to 2 emeralds for a stack of 16 glass

We're also looking into making Blast-proof glass block line-of-sight explosions, giving extra protection.

Feedback is appreciated. If you have a thought on this preview, please let us know on Discord or our forums.

Treasure Wars: Update Preview

Our next update to Treasure Wars is now in preview mode on all regions. This update has significant changes to the meta, and as such, we want your feedback to ensure we release a balanced update.

New: Boomboxes

  • Standard Boombox: Deals damage to nearby enemies
  • Knockback Boombox: Launches you on detonation
  • Block Breaker Boombox: Destroys nearby player placed blocks, except blast-proof ones

Store Changes

  • Golden apples have been changed to 5 diamonds each
  • Bows have increased to 10 diamonds each
  • Arrows have increased to 20 gold for a stack of 8
  • Added blast-proof glass at 3 emeralds for a stack of 5

Balance Changes

In addition to the store changes, additional gameplay balance changes have been introduced:

  • Close-range arrow shots now deal less damage, to discourage bow spam
  • Final kills now grant double points

Bug Fixes

  • Bridge Builders no longer have broken necks/face the wrong way
  • Corrected a typo when purchasing items from the store

Look & Feel

  • Implemented new victory screen

New Maps

After your feedback has been implemented, the official release will also contain four new maps; one for each category of the game.

If you have any feedback, please let us know on Discord, or our forums. We're looking for feedback regarding gameplay balancing, including the pricing of store items.

Treasure Wars Content Update

It's time for a new content update to Treasure Wars, bringing new unlocks, new features, and new maps!


25 New Levels

We've increased the level cap from 50 to 75.

  • New unlock category: Final Kill Phrase
  • 9 new treasures
  • 5 new bridge builders
  • 4 new hub titles
  • 3 new avatars
  • 1 new costume

New Item: Golden Apples

Golden Apples are now available from the merchant! Hurry though, as he only has a limited stock per game. First come, first serve.

Summoner Sharing

Gold summoners now share equally between nearby players, ensuring everyone gets their fair share!

Minimum Play Height

We've heard your concerns about out-of-bounds campers. All maps now have a minimum play height. Being below this height for too long will result in damage, and ultimately, death.

Improved Messaging

  • Treasure breaks are now announced in chat
  • Final kills are now announced in chat

New Maps

  • Solo: Library
  • Duos: Fairy Garden
  • Trios/Squads: Cyberspace
  • Trios/Squads: Pirates
  • Mega: Sakura

If you find any bugs, or have feedback for this update, please head to our forums.

Treasure Wars Update

It's time for a Treasure Wars update!


  • Added Wooden Planks (32 planks for 10 gold)
  • Added Ender Pearls (1 pearl for 3 emeralds)
  • Added snowballs (6 snowballs for 1 emerald)
  • Moved Player Tracker to new "Special" shop category


  • Solos: Added "Mushroom"
  • Duos: Added "Oasis"
  • Trios and Squads: Added "Tropical"

Bug Fixes

  • Andesite store item now gives andesite instead of diorite
  • Concrete store item now shows the correct icon

Enjoy! Feedback? Leave it below or discuss it on Discord.

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