Treasure Wars Content Update

It's time for a new content update to Treasure Wars, bringing new unlocks, new features, and new maps!


25 New Levels

We've increased the level cap from 50 to 75.

  • New unlock category: Final Kill Phrase
  • 9 new treasures
  • 5 new bridge builders
  • 4 new hub titles
  • 3 new avatars
  • 1 new costume

New Item: Golden Apples

Golden Apples are now available from the merchant! Hurry though, as he only has a limited stock per game. First come, first serve.

Summoner Sharing

Gold summoners now share equally between nearby players, ensuring everyone gets their fair share!

Minimum Play Height

We've heard your concerns about out-of-bounds campers. All maps now have a minimum play height. Being below this height for too long will result in damage, and ultimately, death.

Improved Messaging

  • Treasure breaks are now announced in chat
  • Final kills are now announced in chat

New Maps

  • Solo: Library
  • Duos: Fairy Garden
  • Trios/Squads: Cyberspace
  • Trios/Squads: Pirates
  • Mega: Sakura

If you find any bugs, or have feedback for this update, please head to our forums.

New Treasure Wars Mega map: Western

A brand new Treasure Wars: Mega map, "Western", is now available!

Treasure Wars: Mega will remain available for the foreseeable future.

Treasure Wars Update

It's time for a Treasure Wars update!


  • Added Wooden Planks (32 planks for 10 gold)
  • Added Ender Pearls (1 pearl for 3 emeralds)
  • Added snowballs (6 snowballs for 1 emerald)
  • Moved Player Tracker to new "Special" shop category


  • Solos: Added "Mushroom"
  • Duos: Added "Oasis"
  • Trios and Squads: Added "Tropical"

Bug Fixes

  • Andesite store item now gives andesite instead of diorite
  • Concrete store item now shows the correct icon

Enjoy! Feedback? Leave it below or discuss it on Discord.

Treasure Wars: MEGA mode (LTM)

Available now: a brand new LIMITED TIME mode for Treasure Wars: MEGA! 12v12 action on a unique and brand new map.

  • 2 teams of 12
  • Extra spawners
  • Exclusive brand new map

3 treasures per team

  • Minion treasures: destroy these to make the enemy team take longer to respawn, and to be able to destroy the Boss treasure
  • Boss treasure: destroy this one to stop the enemy team from respawning all together, so you can WIN! This treasure has a health bar.
  • Adjusted XP rates for kills, treasure destroy and wins
  • GUI indicators for enemy and friendly treasure status, and players remaining when the boss treasure has fallen

Treasure Wars: Major Game Update

It’s time for our first major game update! 30 new levels, with a plethora of new unlocks, new maps, and some tweaks!

Treasure Wars: Trios will be added in the very near future, stay tuned!

30 new levels

  • This raises the level cap from 20 to 50
  • Want to level up quicker? Hive+ gives you a 50% boost. Going to grind for an hour? 50% 1-hour boosts are now available on the store!

2 new maps

  • Squads: Temple
  • Duos: Atlantis

New global unlocks

  • 4 Hub Titles
  • 3 Avatars

New bridge builders

  • Mooshroom
  • Mini Ghast
  • Horse
  • Endermite
  • Chicken

New Treasures

  • Egg
  • Recycling Bin
  • Sunflower
  • Robot Head
  • Campfire
  • Money Bag
  • Pirate Parrot
  • Trophy
  • Cactus
  • Crystal
  • Gold Chalice
  • Flamingo
  • Portal
  • Golden Skull
  • Bed

New Treasure Particles

  • Rainbow Sparkle
  • Rainbow Swirl
  • Rainbow Confetti

New Item: Tracking Compass

  • Helps you find that final player that’s too scared to fight you
  • Cost: 1 emerald

Shop Changes

  • Diamond Armor now costs 20 emeralds, up from 16
  • Bow now costs 2 diamonds, up from 1
  • Arrows now cost 16 gold, up from 10.
  • Arrow purchasing now gives you 8 arrows, down from 10

Fixes and changes

  • Pre-existing armor will now be added to your inventory or dropped in front of you when buying new armor.
  • A build height limit is now enforced
  • Players are now informed that (cross)teaming is not allowed

Treasure Wars Boosters

As the Treasure Wars game update is around the corner, Treasure Wars Boosters are now available in the /booster command and Booster Item in Treasure Wars lobbies.

The Treasure Wars booster works in all current and upcoming Treasure Wars modes (solos, duos et cetera).